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tubemanCommon thoughts shared to us often:

• I must educate my mind that after graduation I may work.
• If I have a master’s degree, then I can work to achieve my dreams.
• Money is restricting me from achieving my goals
• I can’t get the education for the work because I lack the money
• I can’t get the money because I lack the education for the work

What if the work is THE education? Back in the day, apprenticeships were the more common vehicle for obtaining one’s mastery. Apprenticeships provided for the theoretical and the practical development simultaneously. Apprenticeships also afforded many of the trainees the opportunity to better support themselves as they gained education, knowledge, and skills rather than binding them to future loan repayments and a debt burden that weighed on every sleepless night. Paying someone to simply learn the theories behind work has become commonplace. Unfortunately, it has also become quite a noose.

We’re opening theSpace(s) across the globe. We’re doing so as a practical exercise that invites participation and development of entrepreneurial apprentices in a variety of work fields.

We believe that the conditions are ripe for this endeavor given:
• the growing number of retirees seeking new personal development opportunities,
• the economically disenfranchised here and abroad,
• the ability to band together in community and share our knowledge quickly,
• and the impressive expansion of communication tools available today.

We also believe that making money isn’t the true solution to the underlying problem. We believe that what we’re all really seeking is freedom. Freedom that we mistakenly believe money will provide.

The thing we’re coming to find is freedom is available to us in the moment. We simply have to act towards it with whatever resources available to us. We’re free to choose our freedom right this instant.

It’s called theSpace. Bring your dreams and let’s get to the work of making them happen. The future starts today! Come join us on the RoadtripN.


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