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theSpace Rows into the Canyon

Photo Credit:  James Kaiser

Photo Credit: James Kaiser

With new theSpace(s) launching in Texas and New Mexico, theSpace rows into the Arizona canyon lands. No matter how hot it gets, is there a more cool word than “canyon”? Just saying it, brings back the memories of trudging down the rocky path uncertain we’d ever find the bottom. And then even if we did, there is almost certainly no way we’d make the climb back out. But, on down we went. There was no other way. The canyon stretched as far as we could see and there was just no way around it.

Here’s the good news! We made it through. And not only did we make it through, but we can’t even imagine where we’d be today without that experience. Looking up at the canyon walls, learning to go where the river seems determined to take us and finding that we’re not all that big to stop it. What a ride this RoadtripN! Jump aboard theSpace is wide open and we’re just getting started. Plenty of awesome scenes to cover.


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