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Projector Canvasses – Sketch #3

Foreshadowing Weathervanes

The foreshadowing of the weathervane alludes to a fictitious story that we’re about ready to concoct. Previewing data of the windspeed and direction from which the air blows, we’re quick to jump on the stormy bandwagon. Batten down the hatches, take down your kites, and make darn sure to remove the keys attached to any metallic strings. Why do you act as if you’ve never seen the conditions ripe for tornado making?

But, what if we’re wrong? What if the cold front stalls? What if there’s an invisible pressure cap in the atmosphere that restricts super cell development? What’s that you say? “If it’s invisible then it’s not real and surely doesn’t exist!” Didn’t we just predict the weather based on a calculated assessment of an unseen breeze rotating an iron object along the skyline? How do we come to pick and choose the invisible realities that we’re so convinced are fantasy all the while running about blindly in a self-crafted tale that is more often wrong than right?

Found drenched by renegade showers and also seen carrying an umbrella on a cloudless day, maybe prognostication isn’t our best forte? Maybe, from now on we’ll look to the weathervane as a simple appreciative masterpiece that indicates the unseen is real and we haven’t all that much of a clue from which way it may blow tomorrow.


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