Canvasses / The Sketch Pad

Projector Canvasses – Sketch #4


We wonder the blurry secret of the nomad.

Is their titled sanity a conclusive proof to avoid the bondage to a plot of land and a shell of rock? Do all things we come to take possession end up being our owners? Maybe, we should take a break, grab a knapsack, and go for a couple of hundred mile hike just to see if the nomads have a true leg up.

Before we start though, it seems we better hunker down and try to cover the mortgage first. Unless, of course, there is a buyer out there searching to obtain this massive weighted structure that sits precisely on the wrong side of this border between the lands of all-mads and nomads. If you’re interested, please disregard all of our previous comments. This place will be perfect for you. The lines are open for bidding.


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