Outablue Solutions / the Space



History shows nearly every previous version of theSpace to be a big box location filled with cellmates. Everywhere you turn in theSpace, it seems we are all trying to find our lot and border it up. Are our restricting fears falsifying the evidence and leading us to settle in our crumbling prisons?

Not seeing it? Just look at our settlements. It starts with a fencing of theSpace and a tilting of some walls founded soundly on sand that we will now be able to control the migrations, find our security, and cause the taxing of others to return us our investment and line our pockets with an even greater self-theorized and self-guaranteed rate of return. Of these facts, we are most certain.

Yet, is there not a surer sign of craziness and insanity than our faith and acceptance in our own self-guarantee? Every great failed kingdom including each of our own personal fantasylands have constructed and toppled on this premise. Sure, these developments look like they are standing when they are standing. Trace back even just a little ways though and we see that virtually every new development stands atop the rubble of a previous development that was certainly never prospected to fail.

What if?:

theSpace is an infinite canvas. theSpace is a table with enough seats for everyone. theSpace is a view beyond the horizon. theSpace is beckoning us and offering a new perspective that may be as old as theSpace itself.

Step outside whatever is confining and come to visit the limitless. All things are possible. It’s time to tear down these walls and see what lies just around the corner. It’s time to retire, remodel, and recreate theSpace. It’s a task we’ve dreamed all our lives. If we can just somehow let go of the trap of seeing theSpace through the lens of what we can see, then maybe just maybe, we’ll see it come to PASS.


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