Outablue Solutions / Roadtripnbrand

Owderbox to Owderblue


For as long as we can remember, we so desperately wanted to get out of the proverbial “box”. You know, the “box” that confines us, holds us back, keeps us from the purpose that we often dream and know deep down for which we’re made. Then one day, after a coconut fell from the tree and knocked us upside the head, we suddenly recognized that we had a much, much bigger escape problem. You see you can’t very well escape a box that you continue to build and for the life of us we couldn’t figure out how to stop ourselves from building it.

We hadn’t set out to build the “box”. We set out to get free of the “box”. Yet, here we were, every time we stepped out of one “box” cell, we located ourselves in another. What’s up with that? Crazy box builders desperately trying to escape by building more boxes. We’re trapped alright.

Every so often, as we sat still in the cube, we’d hear others saying they had found a way out by turning their focus off of themselves. We’d hear this, but it made no sense. Maybe just too many days in the hole, but self-help seemed the only logical solution. By golly, even though we’re the crazy box builders, we will somehow stop what we’re doing and help ourselves out of the cardboard. We tried this way for a few more decades unsuccessfully.

Then finally, worn to threads, we were found by the door. Come to find out, the time memorized in the box is now one of our greatest assets and has become a great gift we can extend to others. Never thought we’d find a sweet spot for the box. Today though, thanks for the box and for its reinforcing conviction. The owderblue is available as soon as we accept the help owder-the-box.

It’s a wild adventure for sure. An adventure that we most clearly now wouldn’t have written this way. But, then again, we’re crazy box builders…what do we know? Sweet Owderblue!


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