LaunchPad / Outablue Solutions

Wakezone Call-up


We received the call-up invitation today. The instructions were a bit fuzzy. Something along the lines of “time to pick up our beach towels and start walking”. We answered like we have so often, “Sure thing bold leader. We’re ready. Just give us a day or two to attend this one last wakezone. Then, we’ll make way to the booster pad. See, there is this one last ride we’re looking to catch before we get too serious about the task assigned to us. Give us a second.”

Makes us wonder, how many of us have waved bye to our lucky star and missed our window for launch? Did we really just not want to go? Were we stalling out so we didn’t have to face the fear of taking off?

The call-up comes. We’re relatively certain it is directed at us. Then with a crashing blow, we climb up into our headboards to think about it rather than try our footing into the air and come to find that we really can actually get up from here.

Makes us wonder, why don’t we just let someone else tend to this plot? This plot that is simply a road sign marker to the most real need in fact. What we really need is to wake-up and step to the call zone. Time for liftoff! We’re leaving the surf plot. We’re going out!


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