Canvasses / The Sketch Pad

Projector Canvasses – Sketch #9


How an artwork is viewed grants insight into the eyes of the viewer, not the artist. The artist shapes a piece that draws this out of the viewer and reveals it more clearly unto the world. The dramatic irony is the viewer, so bold and convinced of their vision, is the last to see this unveiling.

Don’t believe this? Go look at your last Yelp review or your last retweet or the last time you liked something on Facebook. Look hard. What do you see about yourself in that post?

The artist is busy painting a picture of a concrete reality. The truth of this reality is camouflaged, found lying between our views and their polar opposites.

Love the art too much? Take a longer look. You’re good, but not that good.

Hate the art too much? Take a longer look. You’re bad, but not that bad.

Don’t get it? That’s okay. Keep coming back to the museums. It will all become clearer in time. This is how it happened for us anyways.

Want to try the experiment? Here’s a poem about the death of a pineapple. Do you now see a new reflection of yourself?

Thanks for giving time to look at your perspective. Thanks to the artist for all of his attempts to draw us out of our blindness.


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