Outablue Solutions / the Space



The decade started all wrong from the very beginning. From the moment the chalk hit the board, I found myself super-colliding into nearly every person who has a problem with me. What’s up with that?

I summed the strength to phone an understanding friend and download the frustrations. I was certain to receive rightful condolences. But, that was not the case. This person divided into me too and told me to look for the common denominator. What’s up with that?

I decided finally, after seemingly infinite redundant thought, maybe all the indicators pointing to my variables were correct. So, I determined to reproof myself with my broken self. Come to find out this is a flawed strategy. What’s up with that?

Running out of theories and just flat worn out from erasing, a light bulb went off. THE problem is I can’t contain the answer. The answer is not containable. Problem contained and found being resolved in the answer. What’s up with that?


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