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Turn Pike Place


Hungering for an adventure and starving for substance, the intense pain that Park Place and Boardwalk will never, ever satisfy is setting like concrete. How can this be? All of the training and student loan providers promise that monopoly delivers contentment. Just look at all of the neon signs luring and guiding to the casino of excitement and fat wallet bankruptcy. The envisioned ivory tower is now occupied to capacity, while overflowing with emptiness. Found hopelessly stuck on the corner of finance and security, enslaved to owning the world and the likely fact that yet another revolving credit day will be counted tomorrow.

Is there an exit ramp leading anywhere away from downtown? If not, should not it be built? Perhaps, it is constructed by telling this story of self-pity to the banker or the investors or your friends or family? Why do they look startled? Could it be that the birds of a feather that flock together are struck with the same blindness? Can the tie to the payroll of this supply chain be broken? Or, must one simply go broke first? Please, please let there be an exit ramp.

Maybe, taking a job aboard a crab boat on Deadliest Catch is the answer? Maybe, a change of pace and a refreshing splash of icy waves from the Bering Sea will do the trick? Leads to wonder, do they make really good money risking their lives to make money? Come to think of it, maybe downtown is a safer place to risk one’s life to make money. Is that a possible design flaw in our downtown exit ramp which leads to another downtown?

Anyone want to buy a book…or a crab…from an escaping downtown convict? Today seems as good a day as any of the previous to turn pike this place.


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