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Border Skirmishes

Reunion Fireworks

Alert: The U.S. – Mexico border is being overrun by illegal immigrants fleeing heinous conditions in their home countries.

Alert: Israel has launched an assault on the Gaza Strip

Alert: Churches draw lines in the sand regarding homosexual participation

If you’re looking for a border skirmish, you don’t have to go far. Just throw out any of these three topic bombs over your neighbor’s fence and a full-scale conflict is nearly certain to erupt.

Over the weekend of trying to tend to the monumental undertaking of my own plank removal business, it felt as if a bombardment of shrapnel greeted my every turn. The inquisitors of my certainly incorrect opinion seemed determined that persuasion and negotiation were to be left off the table while they served up a more forceful meal of, “They’re wrong. And if you’re on their side, then you’re wrong too.”

As I listened in, I was reminded that every line I’ve ever drawn has boxed me on the outside looking in. Where is the borderline to be drawn?

One comment overheard said to take a stand on objective truth. But, isn’t every person’s individual survey of objective truth really subjective? Who is the surveyor of objective truth? Who is the judge?

Another comment said to stand on the line of Scriptures. Yet, this too seems somewhat flawed. Even if we agreed to conclude the endless debate as to the inerrancy of the Word, we would still have to answer the question as to who is the reader. We readers seem flawed. History seems to point this out pretty clearly anyways.

Another comment was along the lines of WWJD. Which Jesus? Are you speaking to lines being drawn by the right Jesus or the left Jesus? Seems we may have just run into another surveyor problem.

How can we ever solve the bigger border problems when we can’t even agree to come to the table terms? How can we ever solve the bigger border problems when we can’t even resolve our own side of the street? That is one ginormous speck in our collective eye. Especially for those of us who should probably identify ourselves far more closely to illegal sexually deviant religiously confused aliens being somehow redeemed by a Savior rather than kingdom conquistadors of righteousness. Is this identification just be too painful to our false pride to accept? Is it our self-centered, self-righteous false pride that roots these border skirmishes? When we shut someone out, is that someone ourselves?

Praying with all our might when the border is finally marked, we may be found on the right side. Truly grateful that it is up to Him not us, because heaven knows and today reaffirms, we surely appear to need the help.


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