Outablue Solutions / Roadtripnbrand

The Weeds


I usually start out with a decent primary motive. But, there are also underlying motives there too. Underlying motives which seem determined to crowd out the primary one. Underlying motives like how will we pay for it? How will I get paid? Who is going to receive the credit? Who is going to own the work? Shouldn’t it be our brand and shouldn’t we head it up?

These underlying motives have to be weeded through and weeded out in order to see RE-sults. The problem we’re setting out to solve isn’t really the problem. The problem is ridding ourselves of the underlying motives. Even having this knowledge isn’t sufficient to overcome the problem. This isn’t my strength. I want to see RE-sults and then I’ll do the weeding. Show me the money and then I’ll get to work. Show me the RE-sults, the finish line, the medal stand, and then I’ll do the training…I promise.

The truth is I now know today what the real motive is and even have a pretty good feel and sight line for the process. I stall because I want the RE-sults paid in advance. This is a huge problem. This is a huge problem because this is fantasyland. The only way to RE-sults is through the weeds. The only way to RE-sults is to take the action of checking our motives and get after pulling the weeds.

Guess it’s time to follow out into reality…time to leave fantasyland behind. It’s time to put our hands and feet to clearing the path. The path that runs straight through the weeds.


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