Canvasses / The Sketch Pad

Projector Canvasses – Sketch #11


We’re no longer trying to make the narrative work. We’re simply reporting what is going on as the days progress forward and as we come across sight lines. We’re moving away from the idea of having any sort of authorship roles to those of scribes. And this moving away has been so good. Great even.

Yes, we initially put up some frames with the intent that the story being written of us might be clearer to those who would choose to view it. But, these frames can’t contain the content. The story seems boundless. We wish we could adequately explain it to you. Frankly, we’re finding ourselves inadequate to do so.

As you may have noticed, we’ve started forwarding projector canvasses. These snapshots are our flailing attempt to convey a mosaic so BIG that even with our biggest macro-lens we only catch a glimpse.

At times, we wish we had more detail to offer you. Yet, if we were given the detail to share forward, might we all miss the forest for the trees?

And then there’s the other constraint, we can’t deliver a thousand words for any of our pictures. We don’t have the words in our vocabulary.

Sigh…guess it means…time to keep moving onward and let the blanks fill in along the way. Still, it’s very pretty at times.


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