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Opposite World

Down off the Mountain

Reflecting on opposite world and how thoughts have changed for the better.

Thought before: I better get my act together.

Thought today: How in the heck is my act coming together?

Thought before: I’ve got to make this work.

Thought today: This is working better if I just step out of the way.

Thought before: I’ve got to choose my attitude.

Thought today: How in the heck did I wake up on the “right” side of the bed?

Thought before: What’s wrong with me?

Thought today: Everything, but at least I now know.

Thought before: If I tell them what I’m feeling, they’ll think I’m crazy.

Thought today: It seems they already know.

Thought before: The sky is falling.

Thought today: Something tells me it is going to be okay.

Thought before: Never let them see you sweat.

Thought today: What’s big enough to sweat?

Thought before: This is important to me.

Thought today: Am I really that important?

Thought before: Everyone else has it all figured out.

Thought today: No one has it all figured out.

Thought before: We’re going to crash.

Thought today: If so, it seems the sooner the better.

Thought before: There is so much pain and suffering.

Thought today: What else is there that is a sufficient enough signal to derive change?

One of the stranger twists to locating opposite world and finding Owderblue happened when I finally began to share these “before” thoughts. It wasn’t that I didn’t find plenty of company that would support the thoughts. I found more than plenty of support for the “before” thoughts. It was when others shared these thoughts back that I began to question them a little more. Oddly, it seemed the thoughts were more out of whack when I heard them played back from others versus listening to the revolving solo track I had playing in my head.

Then, it hit me like a hammer to the melon. If my thinking was askew, and yours seemed a little off as well, this was a bigger conundrum that I first thought.

So grateful today that my thinking is changing and Owderblue is a possible reality. Never would’ve thought the answer would be such polar opposite. But, then I really don’t see how I would’ve thought my way out of a thinking problem, either. Even as I tried and tried and tried…


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