Outablue Solutions / the Space

Midnight Sunrises


As darkness fell yet again on another day that had just started, it took all the energy we had to pull ourselves up by our bootstraps. This was the definitive action to take. So, we were told anyways. Buck up little camper and get back on the horse. Try harder this time.

So, we did as we were instructed. We turned our frown upside down and we went back out with our false front.

Every now and then, we’d answer the “How are you doing today?” question honestly. Frozen deer in the headlights looks came back. Maybe, they didn’t really want our answer?

So, after running this game out for a couple of three decades, we came home really, really tired. That is it! We’ve had enough! This doesn’t work. We quit!

Only quitting didn’t work either. At least not the type of quitting that quits all. At least not the type of quitting that pulls the covers over one’s head and wishes it would just all go away. Quitting trying to do it ourselves most certainly helped. Quitting faking also helped. Quitting all together though, we found to be not really the answer.

As darkness fell yet again in concert with another sunrise, the battle seemed fierce. Which side would win, we wondered? To whom, would go the spoils?

In our case, sunrise won. We could hypothesize for you all sorts of reasons as to why? But, if you really catch us off guard, our most honest answer as to why we found a way out – in our case – our best guess is the sunrise chose to win.

Today, we are filled with gratitude and find ourselves chasing after the sunrises each and every morning. At times, we’ve wished we could offer even more hope than this. The answer we hear come back to our challenge is – this answer is perfectly sufficient.

Given where we’ve come from – this answer is perfectly fine by us too.

If you need someone to just listen, we gladly offer a smile without frozen glances.


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