Outablue Solutions / the Space



The puzzle is intricately simple. The whisper of the forester unveils the system. The sound causes an echo of the message. The problem is the noise.

The noise is drowning, deafening, and incessant. The noise is unruly, demanding, and baffling. The noise urges hyper vigilance. The noise stresses constantly of doom and gloom.

It is not easy to hear an echo of a whisper in a forest being barraged by raging wildfire. It is not easy to hear an echo of a whisper looking out on pandemonium.

There is a difference though between not easy and impossible. This difference makes all the difference. This difference is found in whoever has ears let to hear.

“Don’t sweat the heat” is the whisper to those ears. The forester who whispers out to the system assures that you will not be burned up. The flames will not consume you. Pandemonium gives way to peace!


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