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Dam Economy

Running Away

Everyone seems convinced that their dam problem is simply that money isn’t flowing. No one seems even remotely convinced that they’re at the root of the dam problem. It is clearly the fault of every other over eager beaver that doesn’t know their tail from a hole in the stream.

Some speculate that another larger dam was dreamed upstream that siphoned off all the investment and income from reaching their dam. Hearing all of this could lead to wonder, is the dam problem really just too many imaginary dams? How is it even conceivable that it is easier to get a bank loan on a paper sketch dam rather than a real live sticks in the mud version? Better yet, how is it that we value our negative reverse mortgage dam to be worth such a highly inflated price? Why is it so difficult to afford taking a realized loss against a fantasy gain?

We don’t know about you, but our colony is just about to start questioning our dam location out here in the middle of the dry desert bed. Maybe, we miscalculated the effects of global warming? Maybe, we should start a works project that will make the Hoover Dam seem like an architect’s miniature? Care to join in and invest the largesse you’re receiving from drought relief and hot wind farming credits?

It feels like we’re all going dam crazy this day and age. Dam economy!


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