Outablue Solutions / Roadtripnbrand


Fall Lightning

It seems my focus is always drawn to the hills standing in the way. Granted, the owderblue is peeking through. Yet, the pitch black and overcasting loom large.

It seems like this is the fifty thousandth obstacle that stands between here and there. I know from listening to others that I’m to just keep going. But, do they see how dark and unknown the climb looks to be? Or, do they have different eyes?

Are they born more courageous? Do they have better maps? What if there is another even larger mountain on the other side? I thought climbing was supposed to develop fitness. Why do I feel so tired? Am I really ever going to make it there?

It feels like I should look for another way around this dilemma. It feels like maybe I should just turn around and go back. It feels like I should just plop down and stop here. It feels like anything but go forward.

Is this what they mean when they say, “Keep your eyes on the prize”? Is this the valley of the shadows?


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