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Due Diligence Diving


Have you ever made a mistake in your due diligence? Have you ever miscalculated the return of an investment, the expected traffic to your real estate location, or the proper angle of your cliff dive given the wind is gale force directing towards the rocks? Have you ever made the wrong friend, ate bad sushi, or overestimated your skills to handle the hundred foot drop after a recent success completing the two foot springboard?

Are you now afraid to jump?

These difficult lessons can leave us bruised, broke, eating battered tempura, and even paralyzed. How else though may we improve our due diligence process if we don’t sum the courage to try and to try again?

It feels sort of crazy living and making educated guesses of landing heads or tails. Still, we’re convinced, in this trial and error world, our due diligence is really only proved by diving in.

So, go ahead and flip the coin. Either way, we’re launching.


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