Canvasses / The Sketch Pad



As we run to and fro in the day to day we sometimes wonder, are we missing the brilliance that is seemingly ever present all around us?

How could this happen? What are we so fixated on that we fail to see the beautiful light? Why?

Perhaps, we are just too absorbed in ourselves, our plans, our securities, our insecurities. Perhaps, we are just too interested in chasing after our fleeting solo moment on the big stage.

Aren’t we really just a small, small piece of a vastly larger display?

Small like the speck of a single firefly found visible from a satellite telescope circling Saturn, we are truly quite tiny. And yet strangely, we still feel big enough to go flagging down others with the flash of a selfie.

Is it possible that we are immune to recognize just how small we may shrink?

This isn’t meaning to suggest we are insignificant or unimportant. We must be worth something given the brilliance that every now and then distracts us. It seems inconceivable, even on our darkest of days, that this masterful presentation is being done in vain or out of vanity. It seems more like a gift given to that special someone who is so valuable and precious and means the world to you.

It is a spectacular, ingenious, fireworking that is not to be wasted on our ignorance. The flooding refractions just won’t seem to allow it.


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