Outablue Solutions / Roadtripnbrand / the Space

Pre-Launch for 2015

Shine Stand - Photo 1

That’s right folks, we’re jumping off! As you can see from the photo, the launchpad is constructed and the countdown has started. It is time to take this baby up, up, and away.

For a couple of years now, we’ve been scribbling and scribbling and wadding up note after note about the sheer insanity of launching a community location in a world where location and community seem to have lost their edge. It seems these days that nearly everyone has gone nomadic lone wolf mobile shaping our community to subsist on FB after-post arguments and real estate portfolios heavy in Starbucks locations and nondescript warehouses for growing green in Denver. How strange the times when we made coffee in the kitchen and tended to our plants in the basement?

Well, the times they are a changing. But, something tells us that what comes around goes around and it may be just about time to put on our bell bottoms.

Today, theSpace opened around the globe and the RoadtripN has kicked off to help spread the word. Owderblue, here we come! Come join us as we get the pre-launch for 2015 into gear.


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