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As an intrigued dependent of the global environment, finance, entrepreneurship, economics, and technology fields, it is really fascinating to watch the latest news regarding oil cartels and barrel pricing strategies.

Apparently, the stated goal and subsequent efforts towards U.S. energy independence have generated surprising results to global markets. It seems that a wholehearted push to develop new technologies and new stratum nationally has brought about increased supply and a subsequent decrease in price. It seems that our learning in Econ 101 has been realized. Yet, this paradigm is being received as a fracking doom and gloom prospect to investors. Who could have guessed that if success was achieved, then market prices would drop? What is the government going to do about this? Consumers need to man up and pay higher taxes from their newfound pump savings to in turn subsidize sunken investments. Correct?

Let’s take this initiative further. Let’s also give a subsidy to every person who invested in a new local restaurant or a new dry cleaners and then had to accept lower prices because the established competition met their entry into the market with specials. It just doesn’t seem fair that these businesses bring additional supply capacity online only to see prices drop. The consumers should pay a premium to ensure that these investments profit. It is only the right thing to do for U.S. small business independence.

While we’re at it, let’s replenish the Dutch tulip industry from a few years back. Is it really their fault that they saw high prices for tulips and went into flower farming just in time for a crash? All bouquet purchasers should be caused to bail out these investments. It is only sensible.

Here’s a thought, why don’t we place a tax on gas purchases and roll this tax into education? We could use this windfall environmental save the planet tax to better educate ourselves on basic economics and investing. This would be a win-win for everyone.

What’s that? This type of education pump tax already exists in most states? Did we miss that day in class?

Thinking out loud, maybe these investors are pricing in future government guaranteed price floors when they make their investments? If this is the case, then please excuse this whole glut of questions. If this is the case, then the bogus system is working exactly how it is structured. If this is the case, then U.S. energy independence is a given to happen…provided of course there is an agreeable rebate for powers that be from those of us dependent on energy. This is true independence, right?

Still, doesn’t it seem like those of us who are energy dependents have incrementally paid our share price to join the big oil investor class over these past few years? Could the lower prices we are seeing today be identified as a market return for our crowd funding through higher energy prices, purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles, and/or re-routing our activities and budgets? Should they?

Here’s to hoping the real Econ 101 that energizes and educates the environs of Main Street wins in the end. Otherwise, it appears we’re headed towards further darkness while being caused to fund another artificial hedge floor that doesn’t truly deliver any fuel to shine lights.


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