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Lack of Power Economies


Last week, after an ironic, fun exercise to practice paint with oil, we received some back channel wash that we appear to be going astray from the canvas. Wonderfully, this reception of our sketchpad gallery piece Drill, Baby, Drill led to a gold strike in us. Eureka!!

Whether or not we recognize it, the dilemma we actually overstress to tackle each day is lack of power. Due to strange reasoning, we can’t for the lives of us imagine that power won’t capitulate to capture and resale by those of us who are powerless. Isn’t this how everlasting fortunes are made, we ask? How in the world can our determination to establish energy independence get us in so much trouble?

Day after day, we search out pockets of energy in ourselves and others to cap and siphon and profit. We’re so thirsty for power. We have to have power. We’re dying out here. We’ll fight anything and anyone who stands in our way. We are somehow blind to all of the artificial price floors and restricting flow valves that we ourselves have constructed. We are the blockage. We are the cause of the blackout.

How can this be? Where did we miss the turn? We have an adamant demand. Give us what we need, we demand it. Where’s the supply? We need it to get out on our roadtripN.

Are you ready to be blown away by the power? The power supply is held waiting in reserve standing readily available to meet the demand. It’s not a lack of supply issue. And it’s definitely not a lack of demand issue. It’s a price issue.

The price is the sticking point. The price is free provided those in need will carry it and give all of it away. There is sheer economic genius in this setup. This is the perfect economic reality. Supply meets demand for free when demand freely joins in the provision of supply.

Unfortunately, pun intended, this price just seems to be too expensive for most of us. This price is unfathomable. It’s inconceivable that the power we truly need is FREE. How would we make money on this?

And then even if we buy this, it seems ridiculous that supply would call on the demand to receive power by giving it away. It seemed it would be ridiculous forever until we became so desperate for power that we tried the experiment. Today, we are becoming convinced that the strike price is truly set at zero. The carry and give supply warehouse is open 24/7. Welcome to theSpace!


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