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Avalanche of Boots

Santa Boots

As we look to put a final wrap on this old year, we are finding ourselves nearing the conclusion of our search for a truly effective peaceful demonstration aimed as a protest of authoritative powers which are being misused under the guise of law. Somewhat surprising, we’re drawing to a rather anti-climatic ending as we are coming to the realization that we are protesting ourselves. Turns out, our march on Santa has actually uncovered a far greater problem. It seems, if the law is the standard measure by which to deserve the best gifts (or else stomp our feet in protest), we’re all deserving of our marks to the naughty list and a stocking filled with jack squat.

How can this be? We’re quite certain that we’ve been pretty good this year provided you will agree to subtract a few minor scrapes. At least our intentions were pretty good. We meant it to be a peaceful resistance on just a few of the subtler points of contention. We didn’t initially set out to burn Toyland to the ground.

It is wild, when our eyes are open to see, that we are all so very wrong when we’re right and you’re wrong. Turns out, the justice we really want is the justice that allows us the judgeship. Turns out, we may be better off just seeking to join together in a peaceful demonstration that agrees to stop our protesting. Turns out, the law is inadequate to maintain itself when everyone is a lawbreaker.

How ironic that our very legal cause to march on Santa is sufficient proof for his no-show again this year? Maybe, we need a different standard?


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