Canvasses / The Sketch Pad

Back in the Day-itis


It would be so much easier if our past works and accomplishments earned us enough interest that we could just coast from here on out. It seems that we’ve done enough at this point that we completely deserve 4 or 5-star general status over the armies that we keep company. Where did this idea that a leader should be willing to tackle any task that he offers for volunteers come from anyways? This idea seems kind of bogus when the work is handed back. If we wanted to do it ourselves, we wouldn’t have assigned ourselves as leaders.

Back in the day, everyone was a leader. No one needed to come forth and actually do the work. That would be silly. Back in the day, everyone sat around the pothole and coached one another on what it would take to fill it. Back in the day, we had it good.

We already did that back in the day. See how fit we are to lead from all of the exercise of our sitting here on our cans. Come on join the brigade…that is if you’re fine catching a small case of back in the day-itis.


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