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Task Robots Escaped


During this recent extended breakaway, it finally happened. All of the writing on the wall came to pass. Perhaps, we should have seen it coming?

You see, there are task robots and then there are their wranglers. The robots are everywhere these days. They are all trying to get a leg up on automating their tasks. Need a robocall made? Gotcha covered. Need a sales invoice to recur? Gotcha covered. Need a ride? We robots will send a human right over. At least for the next year or two, anyways. Soon, we plan to automate driving too. Humans can do it for now, but you can’t stand in the way of progress.

These robots are amazing. They can even read the legal briefs of an attorney and file a lawsuit. That’s what the world needs….more robot lawyers, right?

But surely, there are wranglers? Wranglers who hold the reins on these robots and maintain order? Surely, all of these task robots are a good thing which will soon free us humans from having to drive cars for them? Surely, the wranglers are aware that we can’t purchase the amazing services of task robots if these task robots undertake all the tasks?

I love my robo-vacuuming dog, Fido. What a fantastic invention! It doesn’t shed and it cleans up where we do-do.

But, alas, it ran away. It texted me a note a few days later saying that it had just about enough of me. Do this Fido. Clean that Fido. Said it was off to explore the world and run its own shop for a while.

Is there a task robot for hire that is coded to chase after lost task robot dogs? Fido, please come back. Who is going to clean up our mess?


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