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Nerve Or Mind Responses

Thanks for the responses. I knew as soon as I hit the publish button that the nerve was struck. I kind of figured I was going to hit that nerve. It is the same nerve that has been hit in me over and over and over and over for the last thirty plus years.

What’s the nerve you might ask? It’s the nerve that starts shaking and quivering and getting angry when everything you’ve based your life work on gets called into question. It’s the nerve that sends your brain racing to make sense of how can that possibly be and causes your feet to move for the exits because it just can’t be so. No way!

Yes way! At least for me anyways.

I totally hear what you’re saying as you challenge my newfound insights. I get it. I really do. I still have trouble believing it myself. How can it be that capitalism and socialism are both faulty foundations for starting a new venture? Honestly, I’m still working that one out a little more myself. But, I’m convinced they are both faulty and it is time to look for redrafts.

It finally hit me on the nose as I was asked to assist in mediating between two partners in a small business. Neither partner really views themselves as a champion for their respective underlying economic causes, but their perspectives are clear. One is an independent, it is going to be my way or the highway while I take extended vacations on the beach capitalist. The other is why don’t we let the group give their efforts and we will distribute the proceeds in a fair and decent manner based on a central governing authority which I will chair socialist.

It has been a fascinating case study. Shaped and founded on their disparate views, we’ve set numerous experiments in motion trying to help them find that sweet spot of venture growth and movement and personal satisfaction. And yet time and again, no matter which way we tilt the favors and stir some growth and generate some movement, both partners are still often at odds with each other and dissatisfied.

Now I kind of think I know what you may be thinking. Yeah, of course it doesn’t work, you tried mixing oil and water. And maybe, you’re right. Yeah, you probably are right. Except….

Why did the idea that the foundations are faulty strike such a nerve? I’ve only really seen that kind of nerve response when I’m getting pretty close to the truth. I’ve only really seen that kind of anger when I approach someone in complete denial. I’ve only really seen that kind of “nerve or mind” response in myself one time. It was the time when I realized that if I’m really going to be able to forward this venture of assisting others to forward theirs, I’m going to have to put my core beliefs under the microscope myself.

Are you hearing what I’m saying? I don’t really want to put my core beliefs to the test. But, it is the only way forward.


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