Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

RED Maps

So, if you agree we may be on to something, you may be asking just how do we propose to get to the Redrafts?

Well, the first stop was naturally a RED Sox game. Isn’t it obvious that part of our problem with the previous failed economic systems is that we take ourselves way to seriously. Have you RED their economic manifestos? Have you RED all the laws that these systems have helped cause to enactment? If you’ve even so much as glimpsed these, you can see that no matter which side of these fences you’ve been holding to over the years, you and I are a significant part of the problem.

So, the first stop was a RED Sox game which kind of puts the R in Redrafts. The R is Recreation. Whatever new economic system we come to forward into the future, let’s include some Recreation in the Redrafts.

Added side note for the RED Sox game, they were playing the BLUE Jays in a BLUE state. So, hopefully you see in the picture that we’re not drawing to any particular political party. Remember, let’s take ourselves a little less serious. Remember, we’re trying to find a way forward from all the current goofiness. Remember, that our goal is to venture forward in something that is going to be more sound and satisfactory than the ships we sailed to get here.


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