Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Expedition Mach Up

It is so strange that I bog down over the financing of the new boat built to float over the waters of capitalism and/or socialism.

What is the bog down? What is the anchor?

How is it, so thoroughly convinced these systems are bogus and so adamantly determined to float beyond them, I look to their principles to measure and map the new course? I wonder at what depth is this anchor really set?

Why is it so hard to just drop these economic nets on the old decks and just jump overboard into the redrafts? Of course, the redrafts may sink. But, isn’t “may” better odds than “for certainly sinking”?

Are you as tired of plugging holes in this leaky boat as I am? Plugging holes and still taking on water. What a silly predicament!

There has to be a better way. There has to be a more sound boat. There has to be. I am heading out to go there. I have to. I can’t stay here any longer. Just look at that sunsetting. Something tells me the financing puzzle is a facade. Something tells me the way is already paid for. It has already been bought. It is a free ride. The redrafts are real.

It is time to jump out of the boat. Who cares what our work may be onboard? Can it be any worse than the work of plugging holes in a tied to anchor and certain to sinker? Let’s bail. Let’s go fishing. Expedition Mach Up to the Redrafts! Next stop? Let’s go see.


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