Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Lighten the Load

First and foremost, start with an empty backpack. Start with a blank canvas. Start by cleaning the slate. The New Economy is springing upon us in such a fashion.

Now a bright and restless few, may just take to this suggestion somewhat easily. They may do so almost from a sense of adventure and an inquisitiveness of “why not?”. And for those of you that this applies, Bravo! You are amazing to do so without tripping over your pride.

But, for most of us including myself, I couldn’t even imagine the redrafts without the pain of being stripped to empty, blank, and with just a spark of willingness to clean away all traces of the first sketches. As long as I had a remnant to hold onto, I held to it.

I held to it in a question that nearly everyone is asked everyday – “What do you do for a living?”

I couldn’t for all the coffee in Columbia see that this was a question of which bogus economic system do you found your entire being upon. I couldn’t see in this question that I was being asked how are you going about trying to gain the world so that you may lose your soul?

And even if I could have seen this was the point being driven by the question, I would have lacked courage to respond in any other manner but to try and hide my anger by making up a story that this isn’t what I was doing. Was it?

Isn’t it curious how pride and fear hold us to these old and entirely false ideas of economics? Who wants to answer that what I do for a living is go in search of the new economy that is soon to spring? We will be laughed out of the conference room. Pride holds us to our lies and fear screams at us that we will collapse before ever reaching the new frontier.

Hears the gratitude! Empty backpacks, blank canvases, and getting after cleaning the slate springs forth new hope. We can answer the question differently today. Want to know what we are doing for a living? You are looking at it. Heading out in the redrafts and experiencing the new economy. The results? Nil until we let go absolutely. Nothing but extraordinary once we did though.

The future of entrepreneurships? Clean out the backpacks of capitalism and socialism. The new ventures that we have always dreamed start here.


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