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Journal – Day One

Up until this fall, it seemed that this entire life venture had been a search for a life of freedom. A life free from whatever was binding from experiencing a free life.

This search had taken seemingly endless turns and twists down rabbit trail after rabbit trail. It had become so confusing. Confusing to the point, that whatever free life was being sought was lost in the fog.

How had this path led to such a great lost? Was every door just another door to the same path? How wide is the path that leads to destruction? Where, o’ where is the narrow path?

Sitting down for a while to consider where the turn may have been missed, it dawned that maybe the economics of the world had played a factor in luring forth such deceitful passions. Or maybe, it was that the deceitful passions had paved the economic roads. Even stretching hard in search of the truth, there was still a blindness to see the answer staring right in the face.

Where is the truth? Where is the way? Where is the life?

Could it be that this blind search for a life of freedom was being derailed by a monumental speck of deceit encrusted in irony and paradox? Is it really as simple as surrendering this blind pursuit of life to one who is honest? Does the one who is honest know the way? Does the one who is honest and perhaps knows the way see a life of freedom differently than this blind and deceitful man?

Let’s hope so.


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