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Journal – Day Fifty-Nine

While just cruising along and minding my own business yesterday, I received a call up to go meet with a relatively older newer venturer that desired to discuss how to more clearly understand the future of entrepreneurships. From what I gathered over the phone, I sensed that he had already landed himself in rough waters and was dazed and confused by having not already found the new economy.

As he shared, he said that he had been at it now for a little over a month and already the ship he set out to sail was kind of falling apart. He wondered out loud, where was the promised pot of gold that was surely to be at the end of the rainbow? Why hadn’t he just bought more bitcoin six months ago? If only he had bought more bitcoin six months ago, by his calculation of the numbers he would be set.

As I sat listening, a wave of recognition swept over me. You know, one of those deja vu sort of things people talk about sometimes? This wave of recognition slapped me in the face almost like a mirror. It was like a mirror scribbled upon with a question.

Can you and I see the pattern of the world pressurizing our conformance?

Pressurizing our conformance to view success of our entrepreneurship as a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Pressurizing our conformance to view success of our ventures by upticks of popularity. Pressurizing our conformance to take some meaningless view of success and stand on top of it shouting that we’re the fortunate ones that has made something out of nothing.

Pressurizing our conformance to view success in any way but the one way that is actually and truly the road to freedom.

Yeah, I hear ya. It was a weird, really pretty far out experience. Another weird experience in a rather goofy sequence of experiences that one day likely get totaled together as a summation of a life lived.

Here’s the hope though:

The future of entrepreneurships will soon take a turn for the better. Venturers will someday soon take a turn for the better and be freed to no longer conform to the patterns of this world.

That will be a really cool day for all of us!

For now though, back to the saddles. There is more road ahead.


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