Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Journal – Day Twenty-Three

Change is coming in the future. Curiously though, is it the change that we are wrestling one another to expect?

Like, was anyone in the 1900’s expecting their sawmill to be turned into a retail shop? Was anyone in 2000 expecting their sawmill turned retail shop to be turned into an overly fancy internet pickup and delivery station?

Curiously, why is it that today most every version shared regarding expectations for the future seems rather bleak? Are there really a whole lot more glass is three quarter empty people today?

What if the change coming in the future is actually more of a four fifths full kind of change?

What if this change coming in the future really is a good event coming down the pike? What if the pain and challenge of seeing your sawmill turned into a retail shop turned into a soon-to-be lighthouse presenting the future is actually the change already under way? Already here and now?

Does this still leave one in the present three quarter empty and dark?


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