Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Journal – Day Thirty-Two

What is the heavy reluctance that seemingly binds our butt to the chair? You know the chair. The chair which is stuck off in the corner of an old economy-sized room.

Scan the room. The doors are open. The new adventure awaits. The new economy is just beyond the threshold. And yet…still sitting.

Just the other day, a couple of old economy entrepreneurs put out an invitation to come and sit with them and look towards the future. They had some very fascinating ideas about the changes they perceive are coming. The enthusiasm with which they shared their ideas faded just a little though when asked if they were going out later to greet these changes.

Just the other day, took up an invitation to go and sit with a man who wanted to talk about some studies that his company had just completed. Curiously, their findings determined an astonishing fact. While sitting in their cubicles, it was determined that the neighborhood around them had begun to change. Now, it seems that a new project is being prepositioned. If I understood correctly, the new study is going to be a study of how they might go about meeting the changes discovered in their first study.

Honestly, I am not pointing fingers. In fact, I am sitting in a chair this very moment and using my pointing fingers to type out this message. I get the sitting and studying and ideating and ideating and studying and sitting some more.

Just thought I would share though, I’m kind of thinking that the heavy reluctance that binds our butts to these chairs isn’t resolved by sitting in chairs thinking about it. Is it?

Going to head out the doors again now. Heading out to meet some more entrepreneurs with a cool idea. Hoping that one of these meetings soon will actually take place out in the field. Just guessing here, but it seems the new economy is going to actually come together and be realized where the change is actually taking place.

Perhaps, this is an idea worthy of a study?


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