Outablue Solutions / RedRafts

Journal – Day Forty

After forty days, there is a profoundly new awareness that our dirty and dimming lens are shading our view. Particularly over the past two weeks, the questions being addressed to us are for greater clarity, for greater understanding, and for a definitive map that will provide solidity and enlightenment to the questioner.

What if maybe, just maybe, the answer is found in reorienting our perspective?

What if maybe, just maybe, the problem isn’t clarity, but where we are placing our focus?

Look at the borders of the frame. Look at the background. Can you see the outer blue?

What if the lack of clarity is an indicator of a fact that we aren’t seeing?

Can you see that which you are not looking for? Something is going to have to give. What if it starts by replacing our lens? What if it starts by moving towards that which you seek for sights?


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